Beta BASIC 4.0+D in 2011

March 2011:


A super ZX Spectrum 128 makes it possible to travel back in time: to 1982 (the year the ZX Spectrum was born); to 1985 (the year the ZX Spectrum 128 was born); to 1987 (the year the DISCiPLE interface was born and Beta BASIC 4.0 was published); to 1988 (the year the Plus D interface was born); to 1990 (the year Beta DOS was published)... There are many years to comfortably time-travel to, to retro-program new retro-challenges.

The ZX Spectrum 128's spirit is provided as usual by Fuse running on Debian; its body is provided by a Kinasus (page in Spanish). The Psion 5mx is always ready to help.

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