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Most of the projects, until they are finished, are only in Spanish.

Back to the minefield
[Active project:] A tribute and a remake of ZX Spectrum's Minefield.
Black Flag
[Project:] Remake of ZX Spectrum's Jolly Roger, written in Forth, for ZX Spectrum 128.
Couplement Forth
[Sleeping project:] A subroutine-threaded Forth for ZX Spectrum.
[Sleeping project:] A Forth for ZX Spectrum +3e.
[Project:] Website engine written in Forth.
[Project:] A framework for text adventure games, written in Forth.
[Abandoned project:] A Forth for the SAM Coupé computer.
[Abandoned project:] Forth tool to convert Forth source files to ZX Spectrum virtual tape files.
Nuclear Waste Invaders
[Project:] Invaders game written in Forth for ZX Spectrum 128.
Solo Forth
[Project:] A disk-based Forth system for ZX Spectrum 128, for cross-development of ZX Spectrum programs.