Development history of the "Spock!" project

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Development history of the "Spock!" project, a version of the game "Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock", written in Forth for one player and with text interface.


This page is a resumé of the Spanish version.


Version A-00. First changes in the code of my game Piedra, papel, tijeras. The initial goal is to try 4tH, a close relative of the Forth programming language.


More changes. No CASE structures anymore; lookup tables used instead (4tH makes them easy). First draft of the language selection system and the multilingual texts. The development in 4tH is too slow because of the debugging limitations, the unhelpful error messages and the lack of an interpreter... support for Gforth is added.


Multilingual explanations tables (Gforth only). Tie results table. Distinction between British and American English. Finally, all 4tH code is removed: it's too slow to debug two different codes. Version A-01.


Simpler method to define the tie results in the explanations table. New method to define the winner combinations. Version A-02, the first fully working version. The basic interface texts are Spanish only yet.


Multilingual global messages. Presentation screen. The player can quit or play again. Version A-03.


Language selection (the idea for the menu option was taken from Alien-B). Acusative is properly managed in the Esperanto texts. Version A-04.


General revision. Version B-00 (first beta).


Simpler method for printing the winner.


Simpler main loop.


New format for multilingual texts.


First beta published.