Simplilo's ancestors

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Description of the four Simplilo's ancestors: LionWiki, WiKiss, TigerWiki and roWiki.


Simplilo started in 2009-05 as a fork of LionWiki 2.3.5, and it also has some features inspired by BoltWire; but currently it has almost nothing to do with both of them.

LionWiki 2.3.5

LionWiki was created by Adam Živnéř. It's based on WiKiss 0.3. Adam wrote a message announcing LionWiki in November 2008 to the WiKiss users. LionWiki is licensed under GPL. Its home page is

WiKiss 0.3

WiKiss 0.3 is based on TigerWiki 2.22. It's licenced under GPL 2. Its home page is

TigerWiki 2.22

TigerWiki 2 (Version 2.22 - 2007-08-01) is licenced under a GPL licence, but no version is specified. Its home page is It's a descendant of roWiki.


roWiki was created by Marc Rohlfing. Its last version was 1.05 (2005-06-04). Its home page (currently abandoned) was


Here you are all direct ancestors of Simplilo: