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Website engine written in PHP.

Project developed from 2009-10-30 to 2014-12.


Simplilo is what many people call a CMS (Content Management System), while others (me too) prefer the more logical term proposed by Richard Stallman: WRS (Website Revision System). But Simplilo, by its design philosophy, lacks many features of such systems; a more suitable term for Simplilo is website engine.

Simplilo is the engine that powered from 2009-10 to 2014-12 (then I moved to Fendo). It was developed especially to suit the needs of this website and the way I like to work. The result was so good, that I started using Simplilo in other websites of mine.

This is the way I love to work:

Main features

Current status

The current version of Simplilo is A-08 (still alpha), but it's very stable. The code will be published when the first beta version (B-00) is reached.

What does the name Simplilo means?

" Simplilo" is a compound word in the Esperanto language. It consists of the following components:

So" Simplilo" could be translated "tool of simplicity".

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