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Program written in SuperBASIC for the Sinclair QL, in order to read a screenshot made by a MSX2 computer.


In 1987 I worked for several months with two great MSX2 Philips computers: the VG-8235 and the NMS-8250. MSX and MSX2 were a good try to create a wide standard for home computers. Their machines were good and their programs had a high quality level. Two years later, I found on a diskette some forgotten pictures I had scanned with one of those computers. I wrote this program in order to read them with my QL.

The program reads the content of the MSX screen file, byte after byte, calculates the color of the corresponding pixel on the QL screen and draws it. At the end it saves the picture in a file.

The 8-color formats of QL and MSX2 are similar, so the task is much easier than translating a Spectrum's screen picture to the QL.

Source code

The source code is in Spanish, but it's easy to understand.

100 REMark msxscr
110 REMark Convierte una pantalla del modo SCREEN 8 de MSX2 al formato de la Sinclair QL.
120 :
130 REMark Copyright (C) 1989 Marcos Cruz (
140 REMark Licencia/Permesilo/License:
150 :
160 REMark 1989-06-06
170 :
180 TK2_EXT:REMark Toolkit II
190 MODE 8
200 OPEN#3,con_512x256a0x0
210 PAPER#3,0
220 INPUT#3,"Nombre final"!n$
230 CLS#3
240 OPEN#4,mdv1_mi_pic
250 FOR y=0 TO 212
260   FOR x=0 TO 512 STEP 2
270     BGET#4,pixel_msx
280     rojo=pixel_msx && BIN("00000111")
290     amarillo=(pixel_msx && BIN("00111000"))/16
300     azul=(pixel_msx && BIN("11000000"))/64
310     color=rojo+amarillo+azul
320     BLOCK#3,2,1,x,y,color
330   END FOR x
340 END FOR y
350 SBYTES n$,131072,32768
360 STOP