MBimport 5

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Quinta variante de MBimport, programa escrito en MasterBASIC para importar en el emulador SimCoupe código fuente en MasterBASIC escrito en ficheros de texto creados en el sistema operativo anfitrión.


Código fuente

// mbimport_5.mbim

rem MBimport 5 (version A-02-201212081830):\
    (C) 2012 Marcos Cruz (programandala.net):\
    License programandala.net/license


  See <http://programandala.net/en.program.mbim> for details.

  This program is written in MasterBASIC (with MBim format)
  for the SAM Coupé.


  2012-11-18. First version.
  2012-11-20. Rewritten in MBim format.
  2012-12-05. Instructions. Some changes to improve the speed. Final KEYIN command.
  2012-12-06. Fixed: name clash with the importer: 'top' label changed to 'MBimport5Top',
  'r' and 's' changed to 'r5' and 's5'.
  2012-12-08. Version A-02: The disk is read by tracks instead of sectors.
  Clearer instructions (and moved to a serial file, created by the program 'mkusage5').
  'nextTrack' and 'loadTrack' are combined into one proc.  Deleted a call to the missing
  proc 'wipeBuffer'. Much more compacted, seven lines only!


#firstline 0  // no line numbers; MBimport 4 will be used to import the code

mode 3:\
cls #:\
move "usage5" to #2

defproc import drive:\

  // Import a MasterBASIC program, written in text format in the host OS, whose
  // original file was packed as a fake MGT disk image (simply using char 13 as
  // end of line char, then growing the file with zeros until its size is 820
  // KiB, and finally compressing it).

  default drive=2:\
// [no need for local:]
#  local \
#    buffer,\
#    bufferEnd,\
#    cr$,\
#    crPos,\
#    endOfSource,\
#    l$,\
#    lastTrack,\
#    sectorLen,\
#    sectorsPerTrack,\
#    sliceStart,\
#    track,\
#    trackLen:\
  let \
    cr$=CHR$ 13,\ // char that ends every source line
    endOfSource=0,\ // flag
    track=127,\ // fake value that changes to 0 when feedBuffer is executed the first time
    lastTrack=79 bor 128,\
    lineN=1:\ // counter
  mode 2:\  // mode 2 is a bit faster for printing
  cls #:\
    exit if not peek (sliceStart):\
    let l$="":\
      let crPos=locn(sliceStart,bufferEnd,cr$,abs ):\
      if crPos:\
        let l$=l$+mem$(sliceStart to crPos-1):\
        if crPos=bufferEnd:\
        else \
          let sliceStart=crPos+1:\
      else \
        let l$=l$+mem$(sliceStart to bufferEnd):\
    loop until crPos:\
    print at 0,0;lineN:\
    keyin l$:\
    let lineN=lineN+1:\
  keyin "delete to MBimport5Top:renum line 1 step 1:cls#:print ""Done!"":scroll restore:list:stop":\ // final command

defproc feedBuffer:\

  // Load a new track into the buffer

  if track=lastTrack:\
    let endOfSource=1:\
  else: \ // [colon is needed here to avoid "else if"]
    // Calculate the next track number:
    if track<80:\ // side 0?
      // change to side 1
      let track=track bor 128:\ // ['bor' is a bit faster than '+']
    else \ // change to side 0
      let track=track-127:\
    // Load the track:
    read at drive,track,1,buffer,10:\
    let sliceStart=buffer:\


defproc s5:\
  delete MBimport5Top+1 to:renum line 1 step 1:save over "MBimport5" line 1:\

label MBimport5Top


Este programa es un accesorio que crea un fichero en disquete con las instrucciones de uso de MBimport 5. Esto permite que MBimport 5 sea más compacto.

// mkusage5.mbim

rem mkusage5 (version A-00-20121208):\
    (C) 2012 Marcos Cruz (programandala.net):\
    "License: http://programandala.net/license"


  This program creates a disk file with the usage instructions of MBimport 5.

  See <http://programandala.net/en.program.mbim.mbimport>.


  2012-12-08. First version. Texts taken from MBimport 5.


#firstline 0  // no line numbers; MBimport 4 will be used to import the code

// Config

mode 3:\

let file=4,file$="usage5" // destination file

// About

print "mkusage5"
print "(C) 2012 Marcos Cruz (programandala.net)"
print '"This program creates a disk file with the usage instructions of MBimport 5."
print '"See <http://programandala.net/en.program.mbim> for more details."
print '"Type 'go' to run"

defproc go

  // Create the usage file.

  if fstat(file$,1) then erase file$
  open#file;file$ out

  type "MBimport 5"
  type "Copyright (C) 2012 Marcos Cruz (programandala.net)"
  type ""
  type "Usage:"
  type "1) Make sure there's enough memory for your program."
  type "   Use 'OPEN n' to add more 16 KiB pages to BASIC, and 'CLEAR x' to set the RAMTOP."
  type "   Example:   PRINT FREE: REM free memory available for BASIC"
  type "              PRINT FPAGES: REM unused 16 KiB memory pages"
  type "              OPEN 3: REM reserve 3 more pages for BASIC"
  type "              CLEAR RAMTOP+3*16384: REM move the RAMTOP accordingly"
  type "2) Introduce your '*.mbim.mb.mgt.gz' or '*.mbim.mb.mgt.zip' file into drive 2."
  type "3) Use 'IMPORT' to import the source from drive 2."
  type ""
  type "If the program stops with the error 'Not understood', you can examine the latest"
  type "imported line with 'PRINT l$'. If it's wrong, you can fix it with 'EDIT l$' and"
  type "'CONTINUE'. If it's right, the problem is some bug in 'KEYIN', but 'CONTINUE'"
  type "works and the line is added to the program."
  type ""
  type "See <http://programandala.net/en.program.mbim> for more details."

  print "Done!"
  print "Type 'show' to see the result."


defproc type line$

  // Create a line of the usage file.

  print #file;line$
  rem print line$


defproc show

  // Show the usage file.

  open#file;file$ in
  do until eof file
    input#file; line l$
    print l$


defproc s:\
  save over "mkusage5" line 10:\


MBimport 5 y el resto de variantes están disponibles en la sección de descarga en la página principal de MBimport.

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