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[Abandoned project:] A Forth for the SAM Coupé computer.

Abandoned project. Started on 2013-01-02. 10% completed.


ForthCoupe was a project forked from John Avis' SamForth-B. My goal was to write a modern and powerful Forth for the SAM Coupé, focused on cross-development with the SimCoupe emulator.

I tidied, reorganized, restructured, factored and labeled the original disassembled code, added a macro to create the Forth word headers; wrote, rewrote or renamed words after modern Forth standards...

Finally I realised the task was beyond my knowledge of the SAM Coupé system and the time I can dedicate, so I decided to focus on two other projects for ZX Spectrum, a platform I know much better by far: I started Couplement Forth, a fork of ForthCoupe itself; later DZX-Forth, a fork of CP/M DX-Forth; and finally Solo Forth, the most advanced project at the time of writting (2015-10).

I will publish here the unfinished code of ForthCoupe.


Start screen of ForthCoupe, showing its current list of words:


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