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[Sleeping project:] A Forth for ZX Spectrum +3e.

Sleeping project. Started on 2014-11-03. 20% completed.


DZX-Forth is a Forth for ZX Spectrum +3e, under development. (At first, the original ZX Spectrum +3 was going to be supported as well, but a severe bug of +3DOS made it impossible.)

The project started on 2014-11, forking the code of the excellent CP/M DX-Forth 4.00. CP/M DX-Forth (there's other version for DOS) is the best Forth I know for the Z80 processor; it's a modern Forth under active development.

My goal is to write a modern and powerful Forth for ZX Spectrum, suitable for the development of any kind of programs.

At the moment there is only a detailed development history in Spanish, with code pieces and screenshots, both commented in English.

So far (2015-08) the main difficulties are:

That's why I redirected the development effort to Solo Forth. DZX-Forth is not abandoned yet, though.

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