Couplement Forth

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[Sleeping project:] A subroutine-threaded Forth for ZX Spectrum.

Sleeping project. Started on 2014-12-30. 5% completed.


Couplement Forth is a project forked from ForthCoupe on 2014-12-30. Its goal is to reuse the code for ZX Spectrum, a platform I know much better than its cousin SAM Coupé.

Couplement Forth is an unusual subroutine-threaded Forth, with a BASIC interface for managing files. Probably first I will program it for the Plus D disk interface.

This is a low-priority project that will progress slowly. Solo Forth is on top of the stack.

There's a development history.


Couplement Forth


You can browse and download Couplement Forth in GitHub.

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