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Converter for Forth sources.


fsb is a converter for Forth sources. By following a simple layout conventions, it allows to edit Forth code in a standard text file and convert it to a classic format blocks file.

I wrote fsb because, in order to develop two projects in fig-Forth, Tron 0xF and Afera, I needed a more powerful solution than an ordinary text to blocks converter: fsb makes it possible to write Forth blocks source almost without restriction: it takes care of block boundaries, removes empty lines, removes metacomments, pads blocks with the required blank lines and spaces...

fsb is written in Vim and with Vim in mind (for example, it adds some useful keyboard shortcuts), but any text editor can be used to edit the Forth source, because the converter works also like a command. Vim has to be installed in the system, though.

fsb includes an option to create a TAP file, ready to be used by Abersoft Forth on a ZX Spectrum emulator, and also a converter to the format required by QL SuperForth.

fsb has been heavily tested during the development of Afera and Tron 0xF. Until fsb is published, you can take a look at the source code of those projects and see what the fsb format looks like.

fsb2 is the successor of fsb, though they don't share some features.


Also: fsb in Github.

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