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Converter for Forth sources.


fsb2 is a preprocessor and converter of Forth sources. By following a simple layout conventions, it allows to edit Forth code in a standard text file and convert it to a classic format blocks file.

I wrote fsb2 because fsb was too slow converting the library of Solo Forth (nearly 400 screens at the time) on the Rasbperry Pi 2: the converter even froze the machine for seconds at the end of the process. fsb2 does the conversion almost instantaneously.

fsb2 converts to FB (Forth blocks) and FBS (Forth blocks with ends of line, as used by the library of lina). Additional converters are included as shell files, in order to pack the converted source into standard ZX Spectrum formats, ready to be used with ZX Spectrum emulators.

More detailed information is provided in the package.


Also: fsb2 in Github.

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Converter for Forth sources.