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A Raspberry Pi emulating a SAM Coupé and a Jupiter Ace
Picture of a Raspberry Pi running the SimCoupe and xAce emulators on Raspbian.
[Abandoned project:] A Forth for the SAM Coupé computer.
Development history of ForthCoupe
Development history of the ForthCoupe project, a Forth for the SAM Coupé computer.
MasterBASIC Vim syntax file
Vim syntax file for MasterBASIC.
Cross-development toolkit for MasterBASIC and SimCoupe.
Tool to import MasterBASIC source code (in standard text files) into the SimCoupe emulator.
A wrapper that makes it easier to use pyz80 to create MGT disk images for SAM Coupé.
SamForth disassembled
Disassembling of SamForth.
Tool program to disassemble SamForth.
SamForth-A disassembled.
SamForth-B disassembled.
Development history of SamForth disassembled
Development history of the SamForth disassembling project
wt [for SAM Coupé, in MBim]
Text wrapping module for MBim console programs.
Tool for postprocessing the SamForth disassembly.
SamForth documentation
Edited documentation of SamForth, a Forth system for the SAM Coupé computer.

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